During the Board of Directors scheduled meeting on April 8, 2017, two amendments to the corporate bylaws were unanimously agreed upon and adopted. The Board of Directors believe these amendments help create a streamlined system in creating the standard we desire from our corporate leadership and shape the flow of information in a positive fashion that is conducive to our business operations.

The Board of Directors resolved that requires an Oath of Office to be completed by any individual who is appointed on an interim or full time basis on the Board of Directors, any corporate officer position, or staff position with the company. The Board of Directors affirmed that individuals who receive leadership responsibilities with the company should affirm an Oath of Office statement declares an individual’s understanding of a positions responsibilities; expectations under good conscious; and to preserve preserve the good name of the institution; to preserve and protect its physical properties and financial accounts; and to cooperate with all members of the P&R Capital Group, Inc. community in maintaining a spirit of Christian character, fellowship, and service.

In addition, the Board of Directors resolved that any individuals who are appointed or elected to any position in the company must affirm and abide by a Classification Clearance and Non Disclosure Agreement. The Board of Directors have found it imperative that the safeguarding of corporate Confidential Information is critical to our business operations and showing our commitment to providing a uniform system to protect sensitive information. As such, the Board of Directors believe it is necessary as a company to execute a uniform system to protect sensitive information to help streamline an actionable uniform system of procedures to help protect sensitive information that is critical to our business operations.