Dear Fellow Shareholders, 

I would first like to thank our shareholders for allowing Patrick and I the continued opportunity to serve as the senior executives of the company. We are honored and blessed by the trust you have given us to lead the company in the direction that has been envisioned since our time as an investment club. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to come alongside our shareholders in striving toward our collective goals. We are dedicated and committed to remaining focused toward seeing our company succeed in becoming a diversified holding company making its business ministry that strategically invests in companies we are philosophically aligned with that enable us to utilize our resources to improve communities while providing consistent, reliable, and increasing value and dividends to our shareholders.

I am excited to say that we have officially completed our first full year as an incorporation. We faced various challenges during the past twelve months that were to be expected from any company in our industry. Nevertheless, we were able to remain steadfast and preserve through this year that we can confidently say has been our best annual performance in our history. I am ecstatic for our shareholders to know more about our companies performance this past year. We have experiencing continued growth in our portfolio at a steady pace through prudent investments. Patrick, our Chief Investment Officer and Chairman, has provided a statement to communicate further in detail about our past investment performance and provide some investment guidance into our companies future.

We have continued to see individuals continue to invest in our business. We have continued to experience an influx of new investors join our shareholder base while also seeing existing shareholders confidence in our company through purchasing additional company equity. I am happy to announce that we have seen several individuals express interest in investing in our business and purchasing equity. We now have several people on monthly stock purchasing programs. We intend to continue to meet with potential new investors. There are several people we hope to start their individualized stock purchase programs in the next couple months.

This is all good news for us. However, we understand that we cannot be content with what we have accomplished so far. It is our intention to continue to expand our shareholder base and execute additional share purchase programs. In furtherance of this goal, we ask our current shareholders to consider two things. First, starting their stock purchase programs. Secondly, speaking to their friends and families about our company. We believe that continued investment by current shareholders provides additional capital to help revenue and most importantly shows confidence in our business. Also, we believe that shareholders are communicating the mission and vision of P&R Capital Group contribute to creating awareness and a positive view of our business. Patrick and I think expanding our companies reach through personally communicating about our company through friends and acquittances help get us better connected to potential new investors.

It is our pleasure to present this year’s annual report for your review. The purpose of our annual the report is to provide you with some brief remarks concerning our finances, investment portfolio, and about our overall company.

Ronald Rodriguez
CEO & President
P&R Capital Group